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The main issues the project is trying to resolve are that the cross-border cooperation activity is limited causing a low level of experience amongst the population of the neighbouring areas and the low connectedness between the border regions. There is a clear division between the regions in the cross-border area and although they face common challenges their cooperation is insufficient and unproductive.

The present project suggests an innovative cooperation model based on a web portal that allows subjects from both countries to have access to common educational materials, know-how and practical applications (laboratory materials) aimed to capture the interest of students as well as pupils who are interested in following a technical education. The portal also includes the latest news and information regarding technical content used in the IT industry, interconnecting graduates who work in companies in the border area. Besides providing information regarding the state of the art in the subjects it tackles, the portal serves as a modern learning tool for Romanian and Serbian students and pupils who will have access to lectures without being present in the location they are held and at the specific time they take place and who can view them as many times as they like by accessing the portal.

The project includes cooperation activities which could not be achieved without the partnership between the two universities and that include defining the lectures and educational material recorded an posted on the portal, organizing meetings on both sides of the border for the efficient management of the project as well as for publicity and promotion purposes, acquiring the necessary hardware in software infrastructure in order to implement the objectives of the project, promoting the curricula amongst pupils in the border area and attracting them towards a technical education.

The EduWebCast project refers especially to the educational field but the project idea could be extended as a joint approach for other fields of interest such as tourism, R&D centers, environmental issues and so on.